Foot Fetish Serious Foot Scrub Exfoliating Soap

Foot Fetish Serious Foot Scrub Exfoliating Soap

Scrub your soles smooth. 
I created this superior scrub to smooth and soften my dry feet. It has serious scrubbing power but also clean's and moisturizes. Why not multi task?
This 3.5 oz. bar of veggie based soap is made from 100% natural vegetable oils and butters to gently cleanse your feet. Loaded with 3 varieties of pumice (Course, Medium, and Powdered), for complete exfoliation of feet. Lightly scented with the crisp citrus aroma of Sweet Orange and Pink Grapefruit essential oils to uplift and revitalize you. Enriched with Shea and Mango Butters to moisturize and soften tattered tootsies. Leaving feet soft and smooth.
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    3.5 oz Bar

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